Learning Retreat on National Oversight Institutions

29–31 August 2017

Let us take you on a learning journey!

Welcome to the event web page for the 2017 Learning Retreat on National Oversight Institutions! This event is organized by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and in particular by two of its thematic networks: Democratisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance Network, DDLGN, and Conflict and Human Rights Network, CH&R.

The topic section takes you through the journey, topic by topic. This is the place to start learning. If you are a workshop participant you might want to browse through the program to access quickly material from specific workshop slots. And now take a first step on your journey into our multimedia-based learning environment!

The final workshop report is ready!

We are pleased to provide you with the final report written by the workshop rapporteur Erika Schläppi. The report summarizes the 5 workshop topics. Excerpts from the report have been included in each topic section.

The 10 ACC commandments

Neten Zangmo is kindly sharing with us a her insights in writing.

Proactive communication, outreach and transparency is key for success: Electoral management bodies can build trust in the election and make the voters buy in.

Our human rights institution may be perceived as toothless but it is not worthless...

Would you like to read more quotes?

Audit institutions are part of a system and can only be as strong as the weakest part of the public finance management cycle. How much can we expect from them to change the big picture?

The untouchable becomes touchable: The Anti-Corruption Commission is a strong signal against the impunity of power holders.

One of the inspiring quotes from our first day of learning.

Impressions from day 1

Our learning journey has started. Review the day with a few images.

Thematic input on the topic of ACCs

View the presentation by Sofie Arjon Schütte!

What are our goals for this learning retreat?

Find out more in the link here below!

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Venue flyer

Download the venue flyer! This two-pager has all the information you need for your journey to our learning journey.

Meet the experts

During the 3 days, you will have the opportunity to interact with academics, consultants and professionals in the field. Under the tab experts you find a short summary about their work.

Learning journey personal notes

Throughout the workshop you will reflect on your professoinal role and how you can integrate your new insights into your work. Nadia von Holzen and Hynek Bures will take you through this learning journey.

The moderator

Nadia von Holzen will take us through the 3 days of learning. She is an experienced moderator. The secret of her approach: let people enjoy the moment of learning.

Meet the person behind the camera

Hynek Bures is an audiovisual storyteller and filmmaker. He has a professional background in international cooperation and development. In 2011 he launched his company dubbed perceptions marrying his thematic know-how with his passion for the moving picture. Today dubbed perceptions offers support to development institutions in knowledge sharing through storytelling and various audiovisual tools.

Meet the interpreters

To facilitate the communication between our French and English speaking participants Jennifer Gay and Emilie Ferreira will interpret what is being said simultaneously.

Jennifer Gay

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Tel 33-

E-mail [email protected]

Emilie Ferreira

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