Welcome to the event web page for the 2017 Learning Retreat on National Oversight Institutions! This event is organized by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and in particular by two of its thematic networks: The Democratisation, Decentralisation and Local Governance Network, DDLGN, and the Conflict and Human Rights Network, CH&R.

For information on how to subscribe and reach the venue, download the venue flyer. You can also contact Christa Romagnini by phone or mail.

Address of the Venue

Berne Westside

Riedbachstrasse 100

3027 Bern


Venue flyer

Concept paper event

DDLGN page

CHR page

This learning event is brought to you by

Corinne Huser is the head of the SDC ddlgnetwork.

Nils Rosemann is the head of the SDC CHR Network.

Melina Trippolini Papageorgiou is the ddlgn thematic advisor.

Inanna Göbel-Bosch, Program Officer Conflict & Human Rights, CHR Network, SDC.

Simone Troller-Alderisi, Program Officer in Amman, SDC. Her input and preparatory help has been invaluable!

Christa Romagnini manages all fin-admin relevant task of the ddlgnetwork. Whenever you have questions regarding your stay, or travel don't hesitate to approach Christa:

EMAIL [email protected]

Mirjam Winzeler responsible for all fin-admin work for the CHR Network. Mirjam too will help you with all questions regarding your stay, or travel.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Nadia von Holzen is the moderator of this learning journey.

Hynek Bures supports this event with his knowledge in storytelling and audiovisual production.

List of participants


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